Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hordes - Skorne by Cailus

About 18 months ago, having lost interest in Warhammer 4o,ooo and never getting enough enthusiasm for my 15mm Seleucid ancient army (which is under coated with black and layers of dust), I needed an alternative outlet to my Flames of War Germans.

Warmachine / Hordes has a significant presence at our local club, so I after having a few demo games kindly provided by other members, I decided to get into it. After further research I found that the Skorne army suited my play style (elite brawlers) and I found their fluff engaging.

So I bought the Rulebook, tokens, the army book and the Skorne army starter kit. The starter kit provided the warlock Morghoul, two cyclops Savages and the impressive Titan Gladiator, all for a moderate price. Liking the Cyclop Savages I also bought a Brute, being armed with a halberd and shield.

The book had some great artwork and gave me a better understanding the Skorne. I liked the tokens and unit cards - much easier to utilise compared to referring to a codex as you do in Warhammer 4o,ooo.

However the assembly of models was agony! After hours of trying to glue the models together with polystyrene glue without much success, I found that super glue was the key. Things went somewhat smoother after this!

After undercoating them, I decided to stray from the original red and gold scheme as my Warhammer 4o,ooo army of Word Bearers follow a similar look. After some online surfing, I found a scheme another person utilised, that of green armour with gold trimming and red details (e.g. ropes).

Here is how they turned out:


Having painted my starting purchases and enjoying the game, I went ahead with my next purchases. As I  liked the cyclops I got the most powerful one of them - Molik Karn. He goes hand in hand with Arch  Makeda so she went in the shopping cart too. I had to have an Agoniser as these were one of the reasons I picked the Skorne, being so terribly pitiful in appearance. The second reason was the fatso Dominar Rasheth!

To allow some different tactics and control, I got some Beast Handlers, Farrow Bone Grinders and the cute Swamp Gobbers.
Finally, because it was cheap and cheerful, I got the Razorworm as well.

The Razorworm was the first on my painting list as it was the most enjoyable figure to assemble - it simply glues in on the base and voila! It does look a bit like a Tyrannid, no? This was followed by the Agoniser and Swamp Gobbos - all easy models to assemble and paint.

Molik Karn and Rasheth did take a while as they are quite complex in design.

The Beast Handlers and Farrow Bone Grinders were next and the boar creatures were a hoot to paint.

Makeda was the last on the list to be painted, because I had been mostly using Rasheth in my games.

After finishing the second batch, I procured a Titan Bronzeback, Cataphracts and Repotle Hounds. The Cataphracts were horrible to assemble, even with superglue, as it was winter and the glue just took a long time to set.

These have been under coated and now await painting and I'll post these in a Part 2 article once completed, however long that takes!

Thanks for reading!

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